The 25th anniversary of restoration

The 25th anniversary of restoration.

thumb IMG 6700St. John the Theologian monastery celebrates the 25th anniversary of the beginning of its restoration. The festivities dedicated to this memorable event took place in the cloister on the 20th-21st of May, on the evean don the day of commemoration of St. John the Theologian.

Divine Servic ewas celebrat ednearly simultaneously in all the seven churches of the cloister that day. It was for the first time in the history of the monastery. Seven hierarchs took part in the Service. For many of them their servicee to Mother Churchis closely connected with Ryazan Diocese and St. John the Theologian Monastery.

His Eminence Benjamin Metropolitan of Ryazan and Mikhailov headed the Liturgy in the Cathedral of Assumption together with Vladyko Dionisyus Bishop of Kasimov and Sasovo, Vladyko Mitrophan Bishop of Serdobsk and Spassk and Vladyko Nestor Bishop of Kuznetsk and Nikolsk. His Eminence Joseph Metropolitan of Ivanovo- Voznesensk and Vichuga headed the Divine Service in the cathedral of St. John the Theologian. He was accompanied by Vladyko Vladimir Bishop of Skopin and Shatsk and Vladyko Ignatius Bishop of Uvarovo and Kirsanovo. Priests of Ryazan and Penza Metropoles and other dioceses of Russian Orthodox Church.

thumb DSC 7573 2After the liturgies over 60 priests, numerous guestsandlaity gathered together for amassive gross procession and went to the Holy Spring to celebrate a moleben with consecration of water.

On those days of the everybody felt the full life of the restored cloister better than ever.A quarter of a century has passed since the