Событие 8

The autumn feast of commemoration of St. Apostle and Evangelist John the Theologian.

In the evening of October,8 the festive Divine Service in the honour of the Holy Apostle of Love St. John the Theologian was celebrated in the cloister.

As usual it gathered numerous pilgrims. Many of them had already been to the monastery before.The atmosphere of the feast was especially homely.

thumb DSC 4230 1The All-night Vigil was headed by His Excellency Vladyko Dionysius Bishop of Kasimov and Sasovo, who had begun his monastic labour in the cloister of St.Apostle John the Theologian and then had become the Hegumen of the monastery.

Many priests from the nearby parishes accompanied him.

The special spirit of conciliarism was felt at Polyeleos, when the archpriest, priests and the laity glorified the Holy Apostle wonderful in his blessing.

The morning Divine Service was started in two churches at the same time.

The early Liturgy was celebrated in the Cathedral of St. Apostle John by Hieromonk Abel (Usachev) and the treasurer of the cloister Hieromonk Tikhon. Hieromonk Abel was a member of the brethren and now he serves in the church of St. Nicholas in Rome.

Morning prayers began to be sung at 645 and then Hegumen Sergius headed the cross procession to the Holy Spring, where a moleben with the consecration of water was served.

thumb dsc 4273 1At 830 the heaviest bell of the main bell-tower gave its call and then all the bells began to celebrate the arrival of Vladyko Paul Metropolitan of Ryazan and Mikhailov. The festal Divine Liturgy was headed by two archpriests.

We think that there was not a person who was not warmly greeted by the Apostle of Love.